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Who I am

Born in 1986

Graduated in Master's of Computer Science from University of Malaya back in 2011

Since then I have been working in that field with a focus on PHP, MySQL, HTML and JavaScript. I am experienced in Server administration, Cpanel, Plesk, WAMP, Dev C++, DreamWeaver and I have basic knowledge in working with illustrator and android Studio. I have been using Windows and Linux OS since 1996. I recently have started to learn Android Programming and soon will publish my first app. I am native in Farsi and Fluent in English.

My Working Experiences

I am a researcher!

I worked for Flexi e-Solutions Sdn. Bhd. from 2012 to 2013

I worked for Pooyamehr Software Co. from 2013 to 2015

I've been working for Honarbaan Apadana Co. Since 2015

List of Projects

Include but not limited to

Virtual Office Management System (2012-2013)

Monthly Reporting System to the Board (2014-2015)

Wireless Power Transmission (2015)

Website Design/Development/SEO (2008-Now)

dotProject Localization (2017-2018)

Researcher (2011-Now)

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